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Vancouver Talks Audio Tour

Audio Tracks

1. How to use this audio tour (1:25)

2. Introduction (0:47)

3. Introduction to Gastown (1:57)

4. The Great Fire (2:08)

5. The Steam Clock (1:55)

  • interview with Raymond Saunders, Horologist

6. Cambie Street and the Dominion Building (1:47)

7. Maple Tree Square (2:03)

8. Hotel Europe (1:06)

9. Gaolers Mews (1:45)

10. Introduction to Chinatown (3:27)

  • interview with Joe Wai, Architect

11. The Millenium Gate (2:15)

12. Sam Kee Building (1:00)

13. Chinese Freemasons Building (1:12)

14. Chinese Times Building (0:44)

15. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Park (1:53)

16. Yip Sang Building (1:17)

17. Introduction to Stanley Park (2:47)

  • interview with Terri Clark and Jim Lowden, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

18. The Japanese Monument (1:40)

19. Nature Walk (2:33)

20. Lost Lagoon (2:01)

21. Siwash Rock (1:54)

22. Introduction to the West End (3:49)

  • interview with Jim Deva, co-owner of Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium

23. English Bay (2:13)

24. Sources (0:32)


Produced by Nimi Langer

Script by Monica Muller and Danny Laufer

Narrated by John Payne

Mastered by Andrew Amy

Music of David Sinclair from their CD Farewell: A Collection of Celtic Watzes and Slow Airs

Music of the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble from their CD Transplanted Purple Bamboo

Dramatizations by Gemma Forsyth, Joe Heckenast, Paula Mohammed, Jim Preston and David Robens

Photography by Ron Laufer

Special Thanks: To Adam Steele and The Magistrate for Web Design and Development.

© City Talks Audio Tours, 2004


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